Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

What?  It's already been a month since Valentine's Day?  Wow, time flies, but better late than never.  A couple of our favorite friends, Dee and Scooter, visited us from San Diego for the combined Valentine's/President's Day weekend.  As usual when they visit, we had a wonderful time.  

Valentine's Day treats:  Flowers from Tom, cool Texas cheese plate and almonds from Scooter and Dee!

Once they landed in SF, Dee and Scooter made the long trip out to Sonoma (we're now about 1.5 hours from the airport, whereas we used to be about 20 minutes, so they must really like us!).  We had a good Mexican lunch, wandered around the square for some wine tasting, and then returned to the square later that evening for an Italian dinner.  What's better than a day filled with food and wine?  At least we walked to the square, so maybe we burned a few calories. 

The next day, we visited Conerstone.  

We love Conerstone.  It has a great cafe, a few tasting rooms, several shops and galleries, and a cool sculpture garden.  It's famous for its big blue chair, where you can sit and take cheesy photos, which, of course, we did.

We had a delicious lunch at the cafe, then browsed around the shops and galleries.  We took a leisurely walk through the sculpture garden. Here are a few highlights.  

Finally, we visited the tasting rooms.  A favorite was Meadowcroft Wines, where we had a chocolate and wine pairing.  We also got a complimentary Sinatra serenade from the wine pourer.  Perfect for Valentine's weekend!

On the last day of their visit, we went to our favorite place for a picnic, Benziger.

We then visited the wine caves at Deerfield.

We wrapped up the day with a glass of wine on the beautiful grounds at Imagery.  (Unfortunately, no photos from this trip, but here's one of the winery cat, Viognier, from a prior visit.)

Another excellent weekend!  We're already looking forward to Scooter and Dee's next trip.