Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Grocery Store Ever

Tonight for dinner, we had pork chops with apple almond stuffing, reduced guilt macaroni and cheese, roasted potatoes, and Rosemary, Parmesan, and asiago cheese rolls, all from TJ's. Tom liked it. We would have had TJ's frozen chocolate chip cookie dough, baked to perfection, if we weren't already too full.

In addition to cheap prices and friendly staff, one of the strengths of Trader Joe’s is its carefully curated shelves. No, it doesn’t have nearly the selection of a supermarket, but the items it does stock are so well-chosen you feel as if you are in a food boutique — a boutique where everything is on sale. The items are collected by Trader Joe’s buyers, who travel the globe in search of well-priced, often organic, goodies. And when it comes to packaged goods, the quality is remarkably consistent.;col1

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Fillmore

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the historic Fillmore to see one of my favorite bands, Cake.

The show was great (lots of vibraslap!) and they gave out these cool posters as everyone left.

(Image from, the Art of Matt Leunig)


To enjoy the sunny day, we decided to head out to our favorite neighborhood, North Beach, and have lunch at our favorite cafe/bar, Mario's.

Yummmmmm, paninis ........

Snow? What snow?

We have been hearing all week that we might have snow in San Francisco this weekend. Although there were reports of snow at about 500 feet above sea level, there was no snow at sea level in the city. Instead we have had a beautiful sunny, although very chilly, weekend. Tom even decided to do a little grilling.


I have been meaning to do something like this blog, to let friends and family know what we have been up to, as soon as we got settled in to our new life in San Francisco. It has now been 3 years, so I guess we are as settled as we'll ever be! I'll be sharing some of the highlights from our Bay Area experiences and hope you enjoy.